People often ask me what my favorite event has been.  While so many of them have been experiences of a lifetime at massive venues with world-famous artists, my all-time favorite to date was a much smaller celebration.  As a gift for her husband’s 40th birthday I was asked to perform on silks in the couple’s beautiful Austin home.  The wife, Julianna, was absolutely stunning and had the kindest heart to match.  It was an intimate evening with friends and family and everyone seemed so close.  There was also a piano player at the party who provided exquisite music while I danced.  I always feel so privileged to be invited into people’s lives to be a part of their special moments.  Thank you so much to this couple for an evening I will cherish forever.  Also a very special thanks to Lahoma Dade of Events Unleashed for putting it all together so flawlessly 🙂